About the 2019 Speed Forum and Workshop

Come learn from the top trainers on speed and power! What if every athlete on your team or even in your entire program was faster? Sacrifice Training’s Annual Speed Forum and Workshop tackles tough topics such as Sport Specific Training and Periodization to give your athletes the extra edge they need. Our experts will give you the keys to effective speed training and spend face time with you.  Expect to leave this workshop with a plan in hand for your in-season and off-season programs in every sport! A plan that you created with the hands-on help of our expert presenters.  

This 2-day event has 5 separate workshops jam-packed with all the information and training you need to change your programs forever! The workshop takes place in an actual sports performance facility, so all of you will leave prepared to implement what you have learned.  

We wanted to put together an event that helps trainers and coaches develop a holistic plan for a faster athlete.  There are too many events that are so big that the attendees never get to meet the presenters, ask them questions, or get clarification on programming.  In addition to in-depth presentations, our event is truly hands-on.  You will be put through drills, apply what you have learned, and create hard copy plans for in season and off-season speed, leadership, and mental development of your athletes.  

Sacrifice Training has enlisted professionals who work every day (active trainers who aren’t always on tour, never coaching athletes). It will be an amazing experience for these experts to take you through drills, exercises, and give you the key strategies that THEY use to get THEIR athletes faster. 

Because this event is hands-on, there are a limited number of spots available.  Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity.  Invest in your continuing education! Sign up today and change the future of your program and your athletes!

Bryson Tucker on The Truth about Sport Specific Training

Bryson Tucker, Founder and Owner of Sacrifice Training LLC, Athlete Train Athletes and Speed School, Certified by NCSF (CPT, CSC, CSNS, Periodization).

Darryl ‘D2’ Woodson on Periodization and Recovery

Coached 33 medalists including the Olympics, Pan-Am Games, and World Championships. Works with youth, high school, college, and elite level athletes.

Jerald Sams on Leadership is Everyone’s Business

Department of Public Safety State Police, Owner of Jumpstart Pediatrics, Owner of Mounted Patrol International

Grace Wood and Kristen McAdams on The Psychology of Speed

Grace Wood, MS, LPC-Intern Supervised by Jennifer Buffalo, LPC-S, LMFT. Kristen McAdams, MA, LPC-Intern Supervised by Jennifer Buffalo, LPC-S, LMFT

Sacrifice Training Staff on Training and Troubleshooting Stride Frequency, Power, and Length

Bryson Tucker, Founder and Owner of Sacrifice Training LLC, Athlete Train Athletes and Speed School, Certified by NCSF (CPT, CSC, CSNS, Periodization, Corrective Exercises). Haley Whatley CPT, CSNS – NCSF. Eric Henri CPT – NCCPT, Speed Development for Athletes Certified. Henry Eke CPT – NCSF.